6 great family activities for the Easter holidays

Easter is a celebration of new beginnings and the changing seasons. Daylight Saving Time has begun, days are lighter, flowers are blooming, and it’s also the time for spring lambs.


Easter and spring bring a wonderful opportunity to spend time together enjoying family activities.


Here at Eduk8, we’d like to share some fabulous ideas that the whole family can enjoy during this wonderful Easter period.


Decorate your tree

Encourage your child to hang Easter ornaments, ribbons and other decorations on the branches of trees or shrubbery in your garden. Take care to respect wildlife and make sure all decorations are bird friendly.

If you don’t have any outside space, you can always decorate a window box, or even dig out your old Christmas tree and decorate that – it will bring hours of fun and creativity.


Easter egg hunt

Scatter Easter eggs throughout your house and garden for your little ones to discover. Write out clues and small puzzles for your children to solve to locate the hidden eggs.

Find more ideas for an Easter egg hunt here: https://www.tasteofhome.com/collection/easter-egg-hunt-ideas/


Easter egg race

Who can forget that egg and spoon race from school and just how much we all loved this game?

No fancy equipment needed other than a nice big spoon and a boiled egg.

Simple games are the best and why not even decorate or design that boiled egg into your favourite character.


Make a tablecloth

Kids love to be creative. Put some craft paper on the table and let your little ones create. Give them coloured pencils, non-toxic crayons, and marker pens. Use their artwork as a tablecloth during the Easter holidays.


Easter egg biscuits

Use Easter themed cutters such as egg and bunny shapes to make the most delicious biscuits.

Choose a variety of coloured icing, edible decorations and even leave a small hole on top of the biscuit to allow a ribbon to thread through and hang on your Easter tree.


Visit a farm

Check out spring activities at your local farm. Most community farms will welcome your children during the lambing season. Some farms will allow your child to feed the lambs and see the Easter chicks.


Why not share with us what you get up to over the Easter holidays?

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