Eduk8 Worldwide | Junior Rainbow Wave receives a SILVER in the Bizziebaby 2022 Awards!

What a great start to the year with our already award winning Junior Rainbow Wave winning Silver in the Bizzie Baby 2022 Awards in the Outdoor Toys, Toddler Toys & Family Toys & Games Category.

Here's what the testers had to say:


Product tested by Cathryn Bland – Phoebe 5 Years

Cathryn awarded the Junior Rainbow Wave 5/5

Arrived well packaged and safe. There was a handy little note inside showing where to find some games to play with it. Really liked the concept, there are a range of learning opportunities and it’s well designed for children to use easily. Although the online instructions are brilliant and easy to follow, there were none in the box. So as long as you’re able to access the internet it’s easy enough. This was easy to use after reading through the games, we had enough information to not only play the games suggested but also Phoebe played her own games with it too. I didn’t count exactly how many games they played, but there were enough to not remember all of them. Phoebe used it to play with her little sister, they also played a game of laying the mat down, throwing a soft toy to a colour and then moving in different ways to get to the colour. Absolutely encouraged physical exercise. Phoebe and her sister played for a good hour and spent the majority of it physically active. Phoebe is still learning coordination and the games of floating it up and down I found was beneficial to that. Learning how to gently move her arms up and down in time for the best flow. We have had 3 birthdays since receiving it and used it as a party game for the children. They thoroughly enjoyed it. This does help develop competence, confidence and to co-ordinate objects and to communicate. In many of the games they had to work together, especially when you’ve got enough children to team them up. This was played with at least once a week. Mostly played at home. This did keep my daughter entertained.  Her mind seemed to be exploding with all the different things to do with it. Even when left with it on her own she happily did her own things with it. This is ideal to use indoors and outdoors.  Although the weather has been awful where we are for the last 2 months we’re looking forward to the summer and being able to take it out to play with. They loved the uniqueness of it. It’s completely different to most toys in the shops and for something so simple it has so many possibilities. For me I loved how it got Phoebe’s mind working. Watching her go from one thing to another and seeing her creativity in action was lovely. Also the fact that it wore both my children out! Really great value for money. The material seems really strong and the handles very well attached. It has most definitely been put to the test and so far there are no signs of wear yet and no tears. I would buy this.  Its definitely been a winner and the quality and it isn’t just a one game type thing. I would recommend.  Friends have already asked where I got it and she’s told all her friends in school. For the entertainment value and learning opportunities I was more than happy to show her teacher too.  We loved how well it is made, the design and bright colours is great for children. The game possibilities are fantastic and the educational features are definitely a bonus. Most of all, it kept Phoebe entertained and physically worn out afterwards. All in all, we really enjoyed it. This is a great way of learning the fun way. Children have to work hard physically and mentally to play with it, but the creativity seems to come easy with the Junior rainbow wave. For something that seems so simple, it really did provide a great play and educational experience.


Product tested by Lillian Hoyles – Adam 5 Years

Lillian awarded the Junior Rainbow Wave 4.8/5

Looked good quality when arrived and liked the note giving you instructions on how to look up games to play online, which Adam was eager to check out. The design is good and the versatility of such a simple toy was endless as you can play so many games. Instructions clear and simple to follow. This was easy enough to use and we all used together, also Adam played with this with his 2 older brothers, mum, dad, grandparents and his friends. There are a lot of games you are advised to play with this and what we really liked was this can include so many people.  We played lots of games but my son just had so much fun with the Catapult game. This certainly does ensure your children are active while playing a wide variety of games.  They are using energy running underneath, playing as teams, chasing balls and so much more.  Loved that after playing with this for a while Adam was tired and had a good physical workout. I would agree this definitely helps with developing coordination.  We have had a few family gatherings at home since receiving this and the whole family have joined in the fun, plus Adam has enjoyed inviting friends over and playing different games. I loved how lots of the games required Adam to liaise with others and work together as a team and communicate with others easily. This was played with regularly each week. We did use this indoors when it was really cold outside, but have used it a lot in the garden as well.  We are really looking forward to using this more when the weather gets warmer. I was unsure if this would keep Adam occupied when it arrived, but how wrong I was.  He loves it and it can be played with so many people so his friends and family can all join in. Adam loved the colours and all the games he could play, plus he made a few up of his own to play with his older brothers.  I loved how a simple design delivered so much entertainment and kept Adam active.  The quality is really good and will certainly last a long while.  I would buy this as a great game for children and the whole family.  I would highly recommend this. I do feel the price is a little bit high but when you look at what it delivers, the entertainment value and the durability it is worth it. A great toy which keeps children happy, entertained and physically active.  Just loved it.

Product tested by Amy Docherty – Evie 3 Years

Amy awarded the Junior Rainbow Wave 4/5

Looked interesting when arrived.  The instructions were simple and easy to follow. It is not easy to use to make it go up and down as it needs a lot of hands but she still enjoyed it. We played lots of games with this she enjoyed finding objects to match the colours, running up and down it and watching it move in the wind. This definitely kept her very active, so a good physical game to play. I would not say I noticed this helped with coordination and balance. My daughter took it into nursery one day to play with it with friends and they all really enjoyed it. I would agree this helps build competence, confidence and to co-ordinate objects and to communicate.  When she took it into nursery the teaches said how all the children enjoyed playing games with it and playing together. This would be played with a couple of times each week. This was mostly played with in the garden. This did keep her entertained but she did get a little frustrated as she wanted to run underneath it but you need lots of people to do that. This is a good interactive toy as you can play so many different games with it.  My daughter liked lying it down and running an rolling on it the most.  She also like to roll the ball up and down on it. It is good value for money as it is very strong and versatile. The quality was great really strong. I would consider buying this. I would recommend them to nurseries as they have lots of people there and could use it in numerous ways. I would give it 4/5  as I do personally think it’s expensive for what it is but you can do lots of different things with it. My child really enjoyed this, it’s bright, strong and can be used in lots of ways. The only issue I had with it was you needed two adults to make it go up and down  so she could run underneath and we only have one adult.