Eduk8 Worldwide | Peephole Bug Viewers product review

Product Tested By Danielle Streeton – Lily 4 Years – Also tested on my 7, 10 & 12 year olds

Danielle Awarded The Peephole Bug Viewer 5/5

''My first thought was brilliant, this won’t take too much space up in my suitcase – we were going on holiday and wanted to bring the bug viewer along! Nice and compact with a funky design!

I think the concept is brilliant – small enough for little hands but still great magnifying! Instructions clear and easy to follow. My daughter found this very easy to use. They all found this interesting to see things close up. They could get up close to bugs without the worry of having to actually handle them or have them crawl on them! They all very much enjoyed this and it prompted lots of research into different bugs and their habitats, what they need to survive etc. Great size and so easy to take out and about. This did keep them entertained.

We have used the bug viewer every day since it arrived. They absolutely love it and always ask to get it out. They loved being able to see bugs that they would be too nervous to handle but were inquisitive about. I liked the fact they can use it themselves with little to no adult help. I like how interested it made them in wanting to learn more about nature and how it made them want to look after nature more.

This definitely suits this age range due to it being so simple to use and so much fun!


However my elder children (12,10 & 7) also enjoyed this and used it just as much! Superb value for money. I would buy this. It is definitely worth it for hours (literally!) Of fun for the children, and myself. I also think it’s a very reasonable price. Definitely recommend. I have already to a friend who also has a child interested in nature. I can just find no faults with this product. Overall, they had a fantastic time with this product it encouraged lots of fun and learning opportunities.''

Danielle Streeton – Lily 4 Years – Also tested on my 7, 10 & 12 year olds

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