New products and Toy Fair 2019 at Olympia London

Gavin from Toy Fair TV once again visits our stand to see what we have new to offer for 2019.

Christine demonstrates our new for 2019 products:

New Chalk ‘n’ Chuckles Caring Cats promoting kindness and helpfulness. Did you know that 80% of teachers and parents believe that kindness is just as important as teaching a child academically? The game helps children learn all about being kind (which doesn’t always come naturally) in a fun way. Caring cats is a unique game teaching kindness. Kindness involves giving, helping, caring and emotional connection to benefit other people and to spread positive emotions. Chatty Choo, Goody Gum, Helpfilli, Lotothot and Maker Max will help children to learn to be kind, thoughtful and considerate. Contains: Game board, 4 Cat Movers, 1 Mean Mouse Mover, 5 Wooden Mover Stand, 20 Caring Cats Tokens, 20 Heart Charms, 1 Dice and Instructions. For 2 or more players.

Chalk and Chuckles Tidy Up is also about being kind and considerate and helpful in the house. What parent wouldn’t want that?

Our award winning childhood favourite Giant Snakes and Ladders game has NEW fresh, vibrant, compact packaging for this giant sized product! This fabulous traditional game is UV resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Included is our unique dice dome.

Our ever popular Craft for Kids range. has some new additions, unicorn, mermaid and flamingo. These kits contain everything a child needs to complete their craft projects.