Social media takeover week with Make Time 2 Play!

This week we are excited to be involved in Make Time 2 Play's social media takeover, which aims to promote the developmental benefits of childrens’ play.
With hopes of making our products and their many benefits known to all, we are collaborating with Make Time 2 Play. From 19-25 August, we will be taking over Make Time 2 Play's social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to show you our products, suggest free activities, and announce competitions.

We really look forward to sharing some exciting content with you! Make sure to look out for our posts!

Make Time 2 Play certainly know how important play is to a child’s development. Their mission is to help you with ideas and inspiration to get your children playing.

Their Facebook page, app, and website are updated regularly with play activities for kids that encourage imaginative and exploratory play. Their aim is to enable you to use toys and playtime to build your child’s self-esteem, their sense of wonder and to help them understand the world around them. Every time you make time to play with your children you are encouraging them to grow up happy and healthy.

Now that’s enough talking – let’s get playing!