Eduk8 Worldwide | Threading Shapes receives a GOLD in the Bizziebaby 2023 Awards!

What a great start to the week with our Threading Shapes winning GOLD in the Bizzie Baby 2023 Awards in the Toys & Games Category.

eduk8 worldwide bizzie baby award winning threading wooden shapes

Here's what the testers had to say:

Product Tested By Gemma Harris – Hunter 3 Years

Gemma Awarded The Threading Shapes 5/5

Very well packaged and sturdy, nice it came in a box for storing it away. Loved this motor and cognitive skills with hands and eyes. Easy to follow instructions. My son found this easy to use. He also found it easy to hold the shapes and thread the different coloured string. My little boy loved mixing and matching the laces with the shapes. This did help him with shape recognition and it also helped them being different colours. It made him think whilst asking him to get the shape and colour of the lace, chunky for smalls hands to use. It kept my boy entertained till he completed a few, but overall loved as he came back to them again after a while to have another go. These were played with a few times a day each week. Mostly played with these after school and in the evening. My son enjoyed matching the shape to what I was asking and threading the lace through and undoing it again. I liked that this toy was robust and no small bits. I agree for this age the child can be taught how to use it and replicate when shown. This is good value for money. I would buy this as would make a lovely birthday present for a toddler. I would recommend as it is a fab game to teach kids. Really good for learning and teaching children. Beautiful package, lots of shapes and laces that are quite long and lovely to watch my boy learn shapes, colours and threading. Gemma Harris – Hunter 3 Years

Product Tested By Jennie Roberts – Aleah 4 Years

Jennie Awarded The Threading Shapes 5/5

Bright colours and looked easy for a little one to handle. The concept is great teaching hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. Instructions were fine but I did let my child explore and thread /play as she wished. My daughter found this really easy to use as well as threading we spoke about colours , how many times we threaded the string through etc. Extending playability. My child held the shapes and used the strings and threaded them with ease. My child enjoyed matching and talking about the different colours. This definitely helped her with shape recognition. We talked about the shapes and other things in our surroundings which were the same shapes. Helping with shape recognition. This product really did help with matching, motor and hand to eye co-ordination skills. My little one got quicker at doing the activities involved with this product each time it was used. This toy entertained my child for quite a long time . Sometimes 30-40 minutes. Several times a week. Sometimes asking to play with it more when seeing shapes and colours which reminded her of it. This was played at home sitting at the dining table. Quiet time. My little one enjoyed the threading and talking about the colours. I liked that it got my little girl interested in colours and Shapes within the toy and in our surroundings. I agree this is a good age for this toy .I think a younger child may struggle. I think it is a fair price for this toy. It is an educational product. I would buy this as I think it is a great learning tool. I would recommend as it is great for learning various skills. I think this is a great product helping educate through play. Colourful, well-made product. Great learning tool. Encourages various skills. Can extend play by doing various activities with items given. I love that it got us talking about other shapes, colours around us. Great product! Jennie Roberts – Aleah 4 Years

Product Tested By Catherine Joyce – Lillian & Arthur – 3 & 5 Years

Catherine Awarded The Threading Shapes 5/5

This arrived and was impressed by design on the box and the attractive colours. My children could not wait to use. Loved the idea of mixing and matching shapes with different coloured thread. Instructions clear and precise. Both my children found this very easy to use. Both my children enjoyed holding the shapes and threading different coloured thread through them and they got creative. This helped my youngest with her colour and shape recognition. As a creative toy this certainly helped improve both their moto and hand to eye co-ordinations skills. This certainly kept them both entertained and they had fun. This is played with weekly and still one of their favourite activities. Since receiving this I have actually purchased extra one for my son, so they have one each. This would be played with in their play room where we keep all their toys. They both loved the colourful shapes and had fun creating different looks by threading through different coloured thread. I enjoyed seeing them having fun and learning at the same time. I think 3 years plus is ideal age for this toy. Price is very competitive. I would buy this, already have. I would recommend as good fun and educational too. This is a great interactive toy which my children loved and through play they have learnt more about shapes and colours. We loved it. Catherine Joyce – Lillian & Arthur – 3 & 5 Years

About this product:
Eduk8 Worldwide's Threading Shapes is a wooden geometric shape and matching threads resource. This simple but attractive activity is ideal for aiding colour and shape recognition, matching, motor and hand to eye co-ordination skills.

Includes: wooden box, 8 shapes, 8 threads

Size: 20.8 x 16.5 x 4.5 cm

Suitable for ages: 3+

Colours may vary.