Eduk8 Worldwide | Trace 'n' Learn Board receives a SILVER in the Bizziebaby 2022 Awards!

What a great start to the year with our already award-winning Trace 'n' Learn Board winning Silver in the Bizzie Baby 2022 Awards in the Outdoor Toys, Toddler Toys & Family Toys & Games Category.

Here's what the testers had to say:


Product tested by Claire Kendall – Jacob 3 Years 6 months

Claire awarded the Trace ’n’ Learn Board  5/5

Looks good couldn’t wait to open and  see what it did. Design is small and compact. Instructions very simple to follow. My son found this really easy to use, the pencil bit can become a little stuck so needed help with it sometimes. The stencils were good as he is enjoying doing numbers at the moment and also using letters so this was good for him. My son really enjoys using the shape stencils. My little boy is just learning to write letters so this was really good to keep helping him to learn.  He loves drawing all the time so he does even more using the shapes. This really did keep him entertained as he can do several things using this. The carry handle is great as my son is able to carry it around and can also use this in the car. He uses this quite often, I would say maybe 3 times a week. This is great to help children to learn to form letters and learn numbers and shapes. Age suitability was ideal for my son. My son loved drawing the shapes and also forming letters and numbers. I loved that it is helping with writing letters.  I think the price is suitable for the product.  Good quality and easy to use. I would buy this as this is a helpful tool for children to learn. I would recommend for the same reason. A good quality product that has helped my son to learn shapes, number and helped with his writing.


Product tested by Farwah Faruk – Arham 4 Years

Farwah awarded the Trace ‘n’ Learn Board 4.4/5

I absolutely loved the sight of this toy and found it fun as well as educational. I expected it to be more than just a scribble toy and it clearly exceeded my expectations. I think that the design is perfect for little ones. Not too childish and not boring either and was totally age-appropriate. I couldn’t spot any instructions in the box. However it did not require any instructions as it was easy to use. Arham found it super easy to use. The button to erase the writing was a bit hard but maybe it is supposed to soften up after a couple of uses. Arham loved storing the stencils in the pocket. However, they didn’t stay intact which is why he was a bit frustrated. The stencils could have been better stored or maybe tightly secured. We have used scribble pads before but the shape stencils made it more fun and engaging and better from learning point of view too. I can proudly say Arham’s writing has been better and clearer since using this. This did help him get more creative. At the age of 4, it helped Arham learn new shapes and drawings. This kept my son entertained for hours.  Arham found it very interesting to use. The carry handle was easy enough to use and made it more portable. This has been used every day to practise his writing. Definitely ideal toy to help my son learn numbers, shapes and letters. This toy is the perfect age for reception going children. Arham loved the stencils and found them entertaining and kept him occupied for hours. I loved the fact that he could learn new shapes in a much more comfortable way and also independently. This is definitely worth every penny. Very well made! Brilliantly designed and is very sturdy. I would buy this.  The concept is new and innovative and I would happily gift it to Arham’s friends too as this is reasonably priced. I would recommend because  it is fun as well as educational. I loved the idea of this scribble pad. It was fun and perfect for when on the go or when I wanted Arham to learn and play on his own. It provided hours of fun. I loved using the scribble pad. The only downside was that the stencils kept falling from the pocket. There could have been a manual with the product to complete it. We love the stencils and the fact that Arham could learn about new shapes and master his writing skills. I highly recommend this!


Product tested by Lauren Hill – Ethan 4 Years

Lauren awarded the Trace ‘n’ Learn Board 4.3/5

My first impression of the play-trace-learn-board was that it was the perfect size for both my 18 month old and 4 year old. I love the bright unisex design I think it is very appealing to young children and parents alike. The instructions were clear and concise and covered everything you need or might need to know. My 4 year old absolutely loved this and found it very easy to use. My 18 month old really enjoyed drawing using the pen under supervision. My 4 year old really enjoyed stencilling the numbers and letters and trying to spell out his name with them. He also really enjoyed the shape stencils and making lots of different patterns with them.  My 4 year old has really enjoyed practising his pen holding and writing his name with the pen and the stencils. His only negative is that the letters and words disappear very quickly after writing them. This helped my on to create dragons, knights and unicorns using the shape stencils and to tell a story all about them. This did keep him entertained and he played and stencilled happily for over 30 minutes.  This was the perfect thing to arrive just before Christmas as we were visiting friends and family so my little boy used it during car journeys and it was very easy to take with us to different places. He also took it into a cafe and enjoyed holding it by the carry handle and pretending he was “going to work!” My little boy used this daily and particularly enjoyed using it as part of his morning routine when sat at the breakfast table.  I think the Trace n Learn is an ideal toy and /or gift to help children learn numbers, shapes and letters as it is engaging and easy to use.  My 18 month old had a little go at drawing on his brothers new Trace n Learn and really enjoyed it so perhaps from age 2+ with adult supervision? My 4 year old definitely got the most out of the Trace n learn as he used it for what it was designed to be used for.  My little boy liked the stencils and the size and shape of the Trace n learn as it was easy for him to have on his lap.  I really liked the education element of the Trace n Learn and that it was fun at the same time. I definitely think that this is value for money as it is has many uses and at £15.59 I think this is priced accurately when compared with other products of a similar nature.  The Trace n learn has survived my 18 month old throwing it off the kitchen table and my 4 year old dropping it in the car and yet it still looks brand new. It is a quality product that doesn’t just look good it has provided lots of entertainment and learning opportunities for my little boys. I would buy this product as it is educational, easy to use and engaging for 3 years and above. I think my 4 year old will get a few years of playing and learning out of this product. I would recommend this product as it is compact, educational and great value for money. Overall it kept my very busy 4 year old entertained on car journeys and at home and aside from the text fading too fast we do not have any other negative comments. My little boy really loves his trace n learn board. This is exciting, engaging, works when learning phonics.  Easy and light to hold and carry.  Value for money.  Bright and bold and fun.


Eduk8 Worldwide's magnetic writing and drawing board with attached magnetic pen for freehand drawing. Includes 4 stencils for tracing letters A-Z, numbers and shapes with built in storage. Simply press button to erase images and start again.

Sturdy product with built in carrying handle.

Size: 20.5 x 29.2 x 4.3 cm

Suitable for ages: 3+