Eduk8 Worldwide | Wooden Alphabet Tray Product review

 Wooden Alphabet Tray

Product Tested By Joanne Maguire – Rory & Aoife – 6 & 3 Years

Joanne Awarded The Wooden Alphabet Tray 5/5

Really nice product, colourful and very pleasing on the eye. This was great for our family as we got dual use out of it for 2 different children. My 3 year old enjoyed fitting the correct shapes in the correct places whereas my 6 year old enjoyed ordering the alphabet to practice his learnings from school. The pieces were easy to hold and slot in. This did help them with the alphabet and my 6 year old loved sorting the alphabet. We have not tried spelling words yet but will do and I can foresee that it definitely help with spelling words.I think it is very educational for shapes colours and the alphabet. I am not sure if it will help build vocabulary. My child did enjoy learning letters and words. The children played with this a lot and enjoyed building towers from the bricks also. This was played with in the playroom. Definitely kept them entertained as there are multiple ways to use the toy for a range of ages. This is a great fun educational toy. I think this would be a great toy to have in nurseries and schools for children. My 3 year old loved sorting the shapes. I liked the fact it could be used for multiple purposes for different ages. I think the age suitability is ideal. I think the price for this is very reasonable. I would buy this toy. I would recommend as I think it would be a long lasting toy that benefits multiple stages of a child’s development. Overall I thought this was a really good toy. It can both be used in fun ways and educational. It was also great that it suited multiple age groups. My 3 year old loved sorting the shapes and my 6 year old enjoyed sorting the alphabet. They also used them for free play building towers and other games. It is very reasonable for £14.99 and I think it would be long lasting throughout child’s development. Joanne Maguire – Rory & Aoife – 6 & 3 Years


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Eduk8 Worldwide's brightly coloured wooden alphabet tray consists of the full alphabet in both upper and lower case printed on each shaped piece. There are five different shapes to enable children to learn shape and colour recognition. Use the alphabet board for recognition of the alphabet, word building, and letter identification.

Includes: 29 wooden shapes and 1 tray

Size: 28 x 22 cm