Eduk8 Worldwide | Wooden Wiggly Worm wins Silver in Bizziebaby Awards


Eduk8 Worldwide Award Winning Wiggly Worm

Product Tested By Amy Docherty – Evie 3 Years

Amy Awarded The Wiggly Worm 5/5

My initial impression is that I thought it look great and intriguing for a child. I thought it was a good concept as you normally see shape sorters in blocks. My daughter found this very easy to use and play with. She found it easy to slot the shapes into each section of her wiggly worm. This toy is great for hand eye and pinch skills. This did help her learn her shapes. She enjoyed telling me which shape was which as she put them on. This was played with quite often, we even did races to see how fast she could do it. This was played with at home. Very entertaining and she was very engrossed in the toy. I like that it was different from your usual shape sorters and it`s bright colours. My daughter liked sorting out the shapes and placing them on the wooden blocks. I think it will last many years it is very hard wearing and if she hand younger siblings then it would definitely get passed down.This would be a great toy to have in nurseries for all ages. I think this is suitable and even for younger children as it encourages hand eye and pincher skills and the pieces aren’t too small. I think this is very good value for money.I would buy this as I think it is a good educational toy. I would recommend as again I think it is a good educational toy and hard wearing. Children can learn a lot from it. I would give this toy 5/5 because the concept is good, It is wooden instead of plastic, brightly coloured and durable. My overall experience of this toy is great my little girl enjoyed playing with it numerous times and liked calling out the shapes. Amy Docherty – Evie 3 Years

Product Tested By Cherelle Moxam – Jada 3 Years

Cherrelle Awarded The Wiggly Worm 4.5/5

When the product first arrived my impression was very positive. Me and daughter were very excited to try it out and explore what to do due to its unique shape. I really liked the concept of it supporting and encouraging fine motor skills, in addition to recognising shapes and counting. My daughter really understood the concept of this very quickly in order to play with it. I did have to show her what to do first, but after the first observation she played with it independently and problem solved all pieces. She was easily able to identify the matching shapes to stack into its correct place. This toy definitely helped with her concentration to identify the correct shapes. It was definitely challenging and something that she had to think about to correctly put together. It didn’t help as she was already aware of all of the shapes, but did remind and challenge her to recognise shapes again. The first day that she got the toy, she played with it straight away for some time, after that she would go back to it once or twice a day. She played with this toy in the living room, most the time. It was kept with most of her toys, but I left it out so that all parts were there to be easily taken apart to assemble again. This toy did indeed keep my daughter entertained on the first few occasions, however after successfully completing the stacking of the shapes she would go to another toy. I liked how hands on this toy is. From the first glance, you straight away want to play as the worm shape and colourful colours/pattern grab your attention. My daughter liked the different shapes, the design and the challenge of placing it together. She seems to enjoy wooden toys. It is extremely durable, has a classic look and should definitely last for many years provided it is looked after well. Definitely ideal to have this in nurseries. It will be durable due to the material, great design and is a fun way to entertain but teach children about shapes, patterns and colours. I think it would be suitable for children aged 2+ just to expand their problem solving techniques. It is an extremely good toy that is value for money. As a parent I firstly love that it doesn’t require batteries and is a classic toy that engages children to problem solve shapes and colours. I would definitely consider buying this. It is a child friendly toy that teaches as well as entertains. It doesn’t take up too much space and is very well made. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family as it is a simple fun building block/shape sorter toy that will last for years. It also encourage fine motor and eye/hand coordination to further a child’s development. This is a fantastic toy to educate and entertain a child, but only for a short amount of time. It will definitely intrigue a child upon first gland, and the colours and shapes will engage and help them explore. Overall it was a very positive experience with this toy, where after 2/3 weeks my daughter will still go to this toy to unbuild to build again. The friendly themed worm is unique, whilst the design is smart and fun for learning. The shaped pieces are safe and smooth for little hands to hold. It would’ve been great if the worm was either longer or had more shapes/pieces for longer engagement, however the time spent on this was fun for child and parent. Cherelle Moxam – Jada 3 Years

Product Tested By Emma Henbrey – Harriet 20 Months

Emma Awarded The Wiggly Worm 4.4/5

This looked very sturdy and well packed. My daughter found this very easy to use and play with. She found it easy to slot the shapes into each section. This toy certainly helped improve her hand eye coordination. This did help her learn more about shapes. Matching the shapes helped with her coordination. This was played with every day. This was always played within the front room. This kept her entertained in so many ways. I liked the colours. The easy to handle pieces. Chunky but not too big she couldn’t hold it. My daughter liked stacking them but also completing the worm. This is definitely a toy that will last for years and easily be passed down to younger siblings. Definitely ideal to have in nurseries as it is a they can learn from shapes colours coordination’s. My Harriet is nearly 2 and was very quick to understand how and what to do with this toy and only needed a small bit of guidance. Depending on your budget this is good value. This is a little out of my price range but if grandparents would like to purchase I’d definitely recommend this. I would recommend as my daughter absolutely enjoys playing with this worm. Really enjoyed playing with my daughter with this she can hold the pieces and place the right bit in the right spot definitely recommend. Emma Henbrey – Harriet 20 Months


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