Lockdown Learning with the 'Early Years' Home Learning Pack

Eduk8 Worldwide Lockdown Learning

Lockdown Learning for Grace (3) and Mae (7). They sampled the 'Early Years' Home Learning Pack - Here's what they thought!

Although I think the early years pack is a little young for Mae she still THOROUGHLY enjoyed using it. It was nice because it was something both the girls could use. It has taken up quite a bit of time.. which is great. 

We had lots of fun just playing with the ball..good to have a physical activity along side a learning activity.. it keeps them interested.

Eduk8 Worldwide Home Learning Lockdown
Still haven’t used everything in the kit so in terms of use it’s VERY good value.

Parents want things that will occupy their children for as long as possible especially now.

And also I think it is important to show that a child can do it on their own as parents are having to do so much juggling now, having to work from home, whilst finding the time to home school and look after other siblings probably the last thing they want in lockdown is another thing they will have to do with the kids.

Would definitely recommend.

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