Spend the Easter holidays playing Laughing Kookaburra: An Excellent Resource for Children to Exercise Memory Muscles

For children, memory games ought to be fun yet challenging. They enable your child to be persistent and try new activities without fear that they will fail. It is crucial that they also broaden thinking skills, concentration, and their attention span.


Laughing Kookaburra provides several fun memory games for those aged 6 and above. It consists of 48 ‘Eggspressions’ in picture format to remember, in addition to picture cards. Your child will have so much fun remembering 48 facial expressions and laughing whilst boosting their active working memory. Here are some benefits of Laughing Kookaburra:


It’s dyslexia friendly

The ’Eggspressions’ pictures are great for people with dyslexia. Did you know that around 85% of such people prefer to think in pictures? Picture thinking involves using any of the five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) within the imagination. Research shows that those with dyslexia find it easier to retain information in picture format than in written words.


Develops attention and focus

With 48 cards, it can be difficult to remember all the faces that have been drawn, so attention is crucial. Why not play the game with your child, keeping count of how many faces they can remember each time? Encourage them to familiarise themselves with the ‘Eggspressions’. Focus is key, so find a calm environment for playing.


Boosts active working memory

This is an important skill used daily. Boosting memory will help children as they grow older. Those who can retain many different pieces of information may be well-equipped to look at different angles of a complex problem simultaneously.


Develops visual sequential thinking

Visual sequential memory is a vital aspect of human development. It is the ability to recall visual details in the correct sequence and is used on a daily basis. When you write a sentence, you use visual sequential memory. The capital letter goes at the start and a full stop goes at the end. In fact, any time we write – whether it’s a sentence constructed of words or a maths question – we are using this skill. Laughing Kookaburra will enable children to practice the skills required to improve their reading and writing, solve maths questions, plan and follow a route (e.g., walking to and from school), and so much more.


Improves memory muscles

In one of the games players must laugh (say ‘HA’) as well as remember the Eggspression card. For each card drawn, there is another laugh. The more your child plays, the easier it will become for them to play. With over 40 cards, it can be a challenge to remember how many laughs are required, but practice makes perfect. Keep playing until your child can remember them all.


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