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The Mark Makers™ have won 2 awards at the What’s on 4 Kids Awards 2021!

They were awarded……

Best Play & Learn Product sponsored by What’s on 4 Kids

People’s Choice Award – Winner

Judged Award – Winner. 


Eduk8 Worldwide The Mark Makers


''We are absolutely over the moon to have won and have the recognition for creating our lovable characters. They are always a huge hit with all of our Little Learners, and families, who attend classes. Our lovable characters started off as a scribble on an A4 piece of paper. They have now evolved into their very own story & activity books for you all to be able to enjoy at home.'' - Rachel Fay, Author and Creator of The Mark Makers™, Little Learners UK.


What is Mark Making?

When a child starts to make scribbles, patterns and different shapes, this is ‘mark making’. It is their very first step towards writing. A child explores, experiments and expresses themselves through the marks they make. They begin to assign meaning to their marks which sparks creativity and exploration.
Children can mark make in many different ways: pen and paper, painting, ‘messy play’ or drawing in the sand on the beach. All of these methods provide opportunities for children to explore a wide range of tools too, such as paint brushes, chalks, pencils and their bodies.
The benefits of mark making are huge. A child’s fine motor skills will develop and strengthen in preparation for writing. Beginning to work on their gross motor skills is the stepping stone to their fine motor control and core muscle strength.
Daily activities such as throwing and catching a ball, squeezing play dough, climbing, building bricks and threading should be encouraged and facilitated as much as possible.
‘Children will, therefore, be making marks for a wide range of reasons, each equally valid. Through their marks, they are communicating their ideas, expressing their feelings, developing their imagination and creativity, and testing their hypotheses about the world. These opportunities for making ‘thinking visible’ are fundamental to children’s learning and development and should be the entitlement of every child.’
‘Mark Making Matters, Department for Children, Schools and Families’
It is our view that the more children have fun, mark making and developing their motor skills, the more prepared and confident they will be when it comes to writing at school.