What is it that disrupts classroom work more than every other issue put together?

visual noise alert monitor alertz

The answer to that question, quite simply is. . . noise.

Whether it’s the noise from lots of children chattering or just some being disruptive, or any other distracting sound. Noise disrupts thought processes, therefore, affecting the quality and quantity of children’s work and can also create added stress for the teacher.

There is no doubt that most children learn more effectively, when in a quiet and calm environment, with few distractions.

But the question is, how best to achieve this?

visual noise alert monitor alertz

One extremely effective solution to the issue of noise in any setting, is the use of a highly visual noise alert monitor, which intervenes when noise exceeds an unacceptable level. 

Intervention can be with lights only, which change colour as the noise level increases beyond an acceptable level, with the added option of selecting an accompanying siren or self- recorded announcements, warning about excessive noise levels.   


Using such a device, the children quickly come to realise that noise is something they are responsible for.

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visual noise alert monitor alertz

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